YuQiang & Partners was founded by Mr. Yu Qiang in 1999, exclusively working as an interior design platform for outstanding interior designers to develop themselves under the leadership of versatile designers. The studio drives the improvement of design perception through interacting with information technology, in the long run, leading to making the team have an advanced, globalized and active view of design. Has gone through 20 years, the studio has become a professional team with more than 150 members. The team consists of excellent designers and architects with a bunch of experience from mainland China and abroad. YuQiang & Partners has developed a completely organized project execution and management system, effectively taking control of the whole process of construction and ideally ensuring the achievement of design. Meanwhile, it helps customers reduce the consumption of time and cost positively in term of project management.

After years’ endeavoring practice, the team has accomplished an overall design service system that reconciles design, engineering technology, furnishings and high-end products supply. This system is able to satisfy different profiled customers in need of all-in-one and luxurious design service, ending up with producing a distinct characteristic of its operation and unique marketing competitiveness. In term of one-stop design service, considered convenience is provided to its customers and the quality of ultimate execution is effectively guaranteed as well.

We fancy design, we enjoy our life even more!